AccuFem the only solution for convenient collection of urine samples by females of all ages
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What is AccuFem™

AccuFem™ offers urine collection device to assist in the care of female patients in medical labs, hospitals and healthcare facilities. This female urine sample collection kit improves quality of services and provides better comfort for female patients of all ages.



Female Urine Collection Device

AccuFem™ is a new urine sample collection device designed specifically for women. A simple yet revolutionary concept in urine collection devices, AccuFem™ offers a convenient and dignified means for women of all ages to provide urine samples. AccuFem™ greatly reduces contamination of the urine sample, eliminating the chance of receiving false positive results and leading to unnecessary antibiotic treatment.

The Unique Design of AccuFem™

The AccuFem™ is composed of soft, flexible plastic, making it the perfect solution for all female body types. Its latex-free composition also makes it suitable for those with skin allergies. AccuFem™ is especially useful for pregnant women, those assisting children and infirm and elderly patients. AccuFem™ are stackable, making them easy to store in even the most crowded cabinets. Each AccuFem™ single-use kit can hold 200ml (7 oz) of liquid and comes with a sterile 90ml (3 oz) collection container.

How AccuFem™ Works

Before collection, the AccuFem™ is screwed on to a standard lab specimen container, creating a leak-proof seal. AccuFem™ and the specimen container can then be comfortably placed between the legs, encompassing the vaginal area and easily collecting the necessary sample. After removing and discarding the AccuFem™, the specimen container can then be capped and safely transported for analysis.



Customize Your AccuFem™ Kit

To meet your facility’s exacting requirements, we can create custom kits specifically designed to meet your specimen collection needs and appearance. Please, contact our office to provide your institution’s requirements and to receive a price quote.