AccuFem the only solution for convenient collection of urine samples by females of all ages
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When it comes to the care of your patients or clients, you not only want to look out for their health and wellbeing, but also their personal comfort as well. Although, in terms of urine collection, it seems that many hospitals, physician practices and clinical laboratories have forgotten about the comfort of the half of their clientele – the female patients.

AccuFem™ is the first female urine collection device of its kind. The AccuFem™ offers unparalleled comfort, convenience and privacy for females of all ages.


Benefits of using the AccuFem™ device

• Eliminates spillage and contamination of hands, clothing, container and surroundings.
• Saves nursing time by allowing patients to collect urine samples unaided.
• Allows female patients to collect urine samples directly in the collection container, eliminating the need to transfer samples from a urinal or toilet hat.
• Saves housekeeping time as the risk of spillage is eliminated.
• Seal is leak-proof once AccuFem™ is screwed onto the specimen cup. If the cup overfills, the excess sample can be poured out.
• Creates a more hygienic environment for collection assistants.